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that awkward moment when receiving my tax rebate causes me to spend more

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Jul. 14th, 2012 | 09:57 pm

been on an unhealthy simon pegg binge lately, and just in time for the confirmation that the third installment of the cornetto trilogy is going to happen in 2013! i just want simon, edgar and nick to make ALL the movies together, they're an amazing team.

also i got $25 in the mail (thank you, harmonized sales tax rebate) this week and i've been poking around etsy trying to find cool things to buy. i told my mom i have a hard time choosing how i should spend that money and she was like "why not just buy yourself a shirt" and i was like NO

so far i'm buying a pair of star trek command insignia studs (bright yellow and adorable). i really want to get phaser earrings too but the only affordable pair is tiny and dark-coloured, which makes them way too easy to misplace :/ but seeing that i can't find anything better, i'm probably just gonna go with these two things.

(also, here's my conversation with my best friend when i told her i'm getting my ears pierced):

me: yaaa ok um i want to get my ears pierced so i can wear awesome star trek earrings
do you still remember where you and anna did yours?

hannah: OMG son
I mean hon
I am so excited!!!

me: did you just call me son

so yeah she's gonna take me to that asian place that charges just $11 for piercings...the things i do for star trek.

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