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Apr. 21st, 2013 | 01:48 pm

(don't) lean on the waves // two fugitives who somehow find salvation in each other and a light down the tunnel


1 || NOTHING LEFT TO SAY | imagine dragons
who knows what's right? / the line keeps getting thinner / my age has never made me wise / but i keep pushing on and on and on
if you could only save me / i'm drowning in the waters of my soul

2 || BLUE OCEAN FLOOR | justin timberlake
20,000 leagues away / catch up to you on the same day / travel at the speed of light / thinking the same thought at the same time
heart beats at a steady pace, i'll let the rhythm show me the way

3 || INSCAPE | stateless
i need to crawl inside your shivers / we let go of ourselves sometimes
and we rise in the air from our cradle shell / like tears we fall on to the ice
we lay entangled, ice against skin / how did it get so cold out here?

4 || HOME FROM WAR | frightened rabbit
and now i'm standing disheveled at your door / covered in dust and dirt but full of hope
we might never be normal again / might never be normal again, but who cares? / i ask, who cares?

5 || TOUCH | daughter
i'm dreaming of / strangers / kissing me in the night
just so i / just so i / can feel something


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